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The Definitive 2020 Pocket Guide To Berrima

When railway plans changed in the 19th Century, the tiny village of Berrima, between Sydney and Canberra, was frozen in time. 150 years later, it's making a comeback.

After Australia's 2019 summer bushfires, through the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic, and nearly 200 years of relentless development pressures, Berrima is not only thriving, it has undergone a renaissance.

New restaurants, cafes, bakeries, have added to the village's established tapestry of artisan gift shops, the famous lolly shop, and destination restaurants and cafés like Eschalot, Josh's, Peppergreen, The General Store and the evergreen Magpie Café.

The village, which has kept its authentic country feel, despite being squeezed between the ever-expanding suburbs of Sydney and Canberra, has now released a pocket guide that highlights all the places to stay, things to see, and hidden gems awaiting your discovery.

You can be in Berrima within 90 minutes of Sydney, or just it's just a further 18 minutes from Canberra.

Just 7 minutes walk from the village, Berrima's hallmark for rustic luxury is Oldbury Cottage - a 5-star rustic escape for couples. It's only one bedroom, but has a wood burning fireplace, deep bath, modern luxuries and a private 150 year old garden replete with towering pines and a giant old oak tree.

Download your copy of the Berrima Pocket Guide here and start planning your Highlands escape today. Oldbury Cottage is frequently booked several months in advance for weekends, but you can often sneak in mid-week, without too much lead time. Take a look at our reservations calendar here.

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