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What's on in the Southern Highlands this autumn?

Autumn is absolutely one of the greatest times to visit Oldbury Cottage in Berrima. Not only is Berrima's village ablaze with delicious golden hues as leaves begin to fall, but there's a tonne of events and activities across the Southern Highlands to keep you entertained.

With average temperatures of 8-19°C, it's the time of year to layer up as you head on out to explore our beautiful landscape.

Here's what's coming up:

So, no matter what you're into, the Southern Highlands has something for everybody. Don't forget to explore Oldbury Cottage's tips on drives, walks, shopping and more in the 'Outings' section of our website's blog.


Book two nights and start your stay on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday and receive a 50% discount on your second night. Apply the coupon code - autumn23 - while making your booking.

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