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Olbury Cottage Berrima's timeline

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Oldbury Cottage History


A convict stockade is established on the site where St Francis Xavier Catholic Church now stands - on the corner of Oldbury Street. A one-room sandstone hut is constructed on Stockade Street - which today stands immediately behind the 1850s constructed Oldbury Cottage - which is considered to have been a store for explosives potentially used in the construction of the Hume Highway, or for the quarry across the road which was used to build St Francis Xavier's Catholic church, which was completed in 1849.


The Sydney Chronicle (June 19, 1847) records a donation of one pound, fifteen shillings from Mr & Mrs Patrick Maloney towards the ‘erection of a catholic church in Berrima’. In 1849, construction of the nearby church commences.


A Crown Grant is made to Patrick Maloney and Oldbury Cottage is constructed, using Eucalyptus trees felled on-site. Originally consisting of just two rooms, a further two bedrooms are later enclosed within the covered extension of the cottage. Today, these are the kitchenette and bathroom.


After 34 years of occupation, Patrick Maloney dies and wills the property to Edward Scott Walker.


After 10 years of occupation, Edward Scott Walker dies and leaves the property to his wife - Gertrude Jane Elizabeth Walker (Bessie) - who dies in 1936.


Gertrude Carey (Gertie), (the daughter of Gertrude Jane Elizabeth Walker (Bessie), becomes resident in the property and raises her son Paul Carey. She occupies Oldbury Cottage for 50 years before passing in 1986, leaving the property to her son, Paul .

1940, August 31

Sydney Morning Herald, Spring is Coming

The Sydney Morning Herald, on August 31st 1940, brought positive emotion to the early conditions of World War Two, editorialising 'Barren winter, "with his wrathful nipping cold," is about to give place to spring. The poplars and fruit trees on this picturesque farm near Berrima are already putting forth the first shoots of their new foliage 'as spring beckons'.

The sandstone hut that stands behind Oldbury Cottage today is clearly depicted, with the image showing early post and rail fences around the property. The 44 gallon drum which can be seen collecting runoff water from Oldbury Cottage's roof, was later converted to a copper, for laundry. This cooker is still on the property. Today, the window you see near the water tank is the window of the kitchenette and dining room.


Paul Carey sells the property to The Morton’s who build ‘Oldbury House’ at the rear of the site in 1994. ‘Oldbury Cottage’ remains unoccupied for the next 25 years.


Oldbury House - sold as a deceased estate.


Semi-derelict, restoration of Oldbury Cottage commences.


Oldbury Cottage accepts first guest reservations.


Oldbury Cottage wins Wingecarribee Shire Council ‘Best Conservation of a Heritage Place’


Oldbury Cottage wins National Trust 2019 Heritage Awards ‘Conservation Built Heritage’ award


Oldbury Cottage wins National Trust 2020 HERITAGE & CULTURE AWARD

Keep Australia Beautiful NSW Sustainable Communities Tidy Towns Awards

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