• Stewart Bunn

How An Australian Timber Slab Hut Is Built

Updated: Feb 3

If you're wondering how an Australian timber slab hut is built, this fascinating video shows two Australian bushmen choosing the right trees to fell, checking the tree's harmonics, and using the same techniques that would have been used to build Oldbury Cottage, whose hardwoods have withstood hard weather and termites for 160 plus years .

Once the trees have been filled, the process of splitting the eucalyptus trees into one and a half inch thick slabs is surprisingly simple. In fact, you'll be amazed how simple it was to produce slabs from a single tree without any machinery or a mill.

It's said that 1.5 inches of hardwood is the equivalent of 4 inches of masonry, which is possibly why Oldbury Cottage stays so cool in summer and so warm in winter.

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