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Great Walks in Berrima: No.3 Berrima Weir

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

accommodation in Berrima- Berrima Weir in flood

Track: Mostly level fire trail. Some minor inclines.

Fitness: Average

Time: Allow 30 mins

One of our favourite walks in Berrima is the relatively well formed track down to Berrima Weir, which is situated on a picturesque reach of the Wingecarribee River. It's an easy stroll from Oldbury Cottage - about 30 mins return - and provides great vistas over Berrima village from the top of Oldbury Street. There are even glimpses of The Rectory.

Where to Start:

Walk eastwards up Oldbury Street and continue straight ahead on the unsealed part of the road. At the end of the road, step over the low cable fence, and continue along the fire trail. Turn left at the first intersection and walk down to the weir. It's a popular spot for fishing.

You can continue walking in an easterly direction from the weir through Berrima Reserve, if you feel like a longer walk. There are many interconnecting tracks that all seem to loop around at some point, delivering you back to the Berrima Road entrance or back to the top of Oldbury Street.

Video and Images:

The below video and images are typical of an early morning walk.

accommodation in Berrima- Berrima Weir, early morning looking east

accommodation in Berrima- Berrima Weir, Early Morning looking west

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