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Oldbury Cottage bathroom amenities

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

When you're looking for a country escape, it doesn't get more Australian than an authentic settler cottage with a fireplace, deep claw foot bath, and the essential modern luxuries.

So it's entirely appropriate that Oldbury Cottage's apothecary features Australia's finest aromatic fragrances.

Australian designed and owned, our Orana amenities offer a unique blend of essential oils that refresh and revive your body, mind and spirit.

Truly uplifting!

Infused with Australian essential oils of lemongrass, mandarin and pepper berry, you'll be energised by the aromas. Packaging is environmentally friendly (made with EcoPure) and no testing has been done on animals.

Take A Deep Bath...

If you love taking long baths, in a deep bathtub, we've got you covered.

Oldbury Cottage's bathroom is a trip through time. Spend hours luxuriating in our long deep bath, with complimentary bath bombs, and endless gas hot water.

There's underfloor heating, fluffy white towels, bath robes, and, of course, individual guest slippers.

You'll find yourself surrounded by an amalgam of eucalyptus timber slabs, felled on site 150 years ago and modern comforts.

By the way, the ceiling you'll be gazing at, while luxuriating in a steaming bath, is made from packing crates - re-used by the original builders of the cottage. They still bear the stencils of iconic early Australian brands and are comprised of anything useful that Patrick Maloney - the beneficiary of the original Crown Grant - could lay his hands upon.

accommodation in Berrima- Oldbury Cottage

You'll notice parts of the ceiling bear stencilled emblems, some more obscured by the passage of time than others. Of the early Australian manufacturers present, one crate clearly shows the emblem of the Cowan & Israel Soap & Candle Works - a company based near Glebe Point on Johnston's Bay in the mid-1800s.

accommodation in Berrima- Oldbury Cottage Berrima Cowan & Israel Soap & Candle Works

accommodation in Berrima- Oldbury Cottage Berrima Cowan & Israel Soap & Candle Works

accommodation in Berrima- Oldbury Cottage Berrima Bath Tub

UNDERFLOOR heating keeps your feet toasty warm during Berrima's chilly winters and fluffy white towels and bathrobes add a touch of comfort to the rustic surrounds.

Botanical Amenities

Sourced from virtually every part of the country, our Orana indigenous botanical amenities provide a sense of the beauty of Australia's native flora. Skin and haircare products feature the fragrances of lemongrass, mandarin and pepper berry.

Drop a bath bomb into the bath, add steaming hot water and forget about yesterday's baggage.

accommodation in Berrima- comfort

accommodation in Berrima- Oldbury Cottage
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