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Great Outings: No.1 - Bundanoon - 25 min drive

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Berrima-accommodation-Bundanoon Main street

If you're looking for a great country drive, a bit of shopping and maybe something to eat, then Bundanoon makes for a great little outing from Oldbury Cottage. There's the most charming little railway station (1868), a few nice boutiques and gift stores, a nursery, several cafés, and world famous bushwalking.

No trip is of course complete without walking across the rail line to see the charming old 1920s Bundanoon Hotel.

Driving Route

Taking the back route to Sutton Forest, you'll pass by Nichole Kidman's property (Golden Vale Road), through Sutton Forest (where there's a great green grocer on the corner of Exeter Road that sells superb crusty Italian bread, amazing baclava, and great veggies), and then down through Exeter (Great corner store café and an antique barn) to Bundanoon.

Berrima-accommodation-Berrima to Bundanoon Map - 25 min drive

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